If you would like to get your film dubbed into German or maybe there are still noises or famous German voices missing, to get your advertisement become well known in the media market, then you´ve found your right partner!

The Berliner Medien Kooperative (BerMeKo) is a company, which offers all kind of sound postproductions. This includes:

- complete dubbing into the German language for TV movies and series
- documentaries (translation and Voice Over)
- sounddesign (whatever you desire)

To offer the best quality, we are working together with the best directors, sound-engineers, unit managers, cutter and authors (rough translation and lipsync books) in the highest standard dubbing recording studios, well known in the German movie market. Our unit managers will find the most adequate voices to your original and our cutter let you think, that the original voice never spoke a different language.

If you would like to get more informations feel free to contact us.
It would be a pleasure for us to make you an offer.